Circle of Life

My “Uncle” Jack died yesterday afternoon.

Jack was my Dad’s best friend from childhood. Our families were very close.

I watched the first Super Bowl in his den.

His den was one of my favorite places- guns were displayed high on the wall- far from the reach of curious children. My Dad wasn’t a hunter, but Uncle Jack would lend me one of his guns when I got older and took an interest in hunting. He always gave me “the” safety lecture before handing over his firearm.

Jack was a serious man with a big heart and a dry sense of humor who served our community as mayor during the period of racial unrest in the 60’s. He was a servant leader- the kind we could use today.

Somewhere along the way, our families grew apart over some petty bullshit among the parents. It was a hard lesson for all of us kids and totally unnecessary.

Recently, I reconnected with his daughter, my peer, and in our communication last evening, agreed that there was a joyous reunion going on for sure.

This morning I learned my friends welcomed a daughter into this world a few days ago- the circle of life is in my face this morning.

Rest in peace Uncle Jack. You did your part and we are better people because of you.

Welcome to the world Parker. I hope we can do the same for you.

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