Medical Update 7.24.18

I received my new medications 2 weeks ago.

Nurse Jennie called for a check-in. I told her so far, so good- except my short term memory is still sketchy and my balance is off but the most onerous side effects from the last medicine are gone.

As she reviewed my current medications and general health status, she glossed over the smoking question (I had volunteered during my intake that I had stopped smoking years ago).

In the interest of full disclosure and attention to detail, I thought it prudent to disclose that I had picked up cigar smoking again. I find it relaxing and it suits my addictive personality.

The disapproval in her voice was palpable from 500 miles away.

I said: “Come on Jennie, cigar smoking is not the end of the world. My sex drive has been crushed and I stopped drinking for my liver health, what’s a guy to do with his hands? I need a vice and please don’t tell me it causes cancer- I have that one covered.”

Jennie didn’t laugh.


Then she lobbed a new one- the doctor has ordered a brain scan on my next visit.

Without thinking, I responded: “Wow!, are you sure you want to go there? It is a scary dark place”.

Nothing. No chuckle. Nothing at all.


I will make her laugh if it’s the last thing I do!!!



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