I’ve stated my reasons for creating this blog- to help myself, to help others, and to show appreciation for the blessings I’ve been given.

With few exceptions, it has been well received. The kind words of encouragement and support are noted and appreciated and needed.

I’m sure my lack of writing ability is painful for some but it’s all I got….hopefully it’ll improve as I move forward.

I do get a couple of questions regularly which are worth addressing.

One has to do with “sharing” my posts on social media. Please feel free to share as you like. I’ve not allowed the blog to be indexed by search engines to try and separate my personal and professional life but anyone can enter the web address and find it- so it doesn’t matter. Furthermore, feel free to comment on the blog page- we can all benefit from each other’s experiences and wisdom.

The second question is along the lines of “why are you sharing intimate information?” The answer is simple. I am sharing on topics people are hesitant to discuss- I hope my blog stimulates thought and conversation and encourages men to get checked out and women to bug the crap out of the men they love to get checked out.

The day I received my diagnosis, I left the doctor’s office, sat in my car and made promises to myself.

I promised I would:

Fight cancer with every resource at my disposal- I would not let it control my life. To borrow a line from a Don Henley song, “I will not lie down, I will not go quietly”.

Make sure the people I love, know that I love them. I’m guilty of assuming everyone understands my intentions- for the most part, I have sucked my entire life at verbalizing love and affection.

Lastly, I made some messes in my personal life. I promised to clean them up if given opportunity.

In my intro I referenced Jimmy V’s ESPY speech where he urged us to do three things every day; think, laugh and cry. I’ve added a few items to the daily task list- count my blessings, give thanks, and show gratitude whenever and wherever possible.

I found a measure of peace by dedicating myself to the mission.

Lisa (remember, my therapist?) is probably scribbling “deflection” on a notepad somewhere- the term comes up regularly in our communications. I’ll own it- humor is my tool and works most of the time. Lisa urges me to take care of myself.

I believe putting other people first is taking care of myself- if I pay it forward, I will have what I need when I need it.

A time will arrive when I need a lot. In the meantime, I have focus and purpose. I will enjoy it and I will put my best efforts to the mission.

Making amends is messy for sure, it has power- awesome power to stir emotions. The problem is you have no idea where it will lead.

I thought I had peace and focus until I opened an old wound that is deep and painful. I’m stuck in my own storm at the moment- I’ve written like a mad man and all of it stinks.

As I sit in the mountains this morning, watching the sun rise and listening to music, I am struggling to refocus and get on with it. It’ll get done.

Lisa, I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

6 thoughts on “Purpose

  • Clay, I consider you an inspiration. Your blog has certainly inspired me to look deeper into my own life. Best wishes, love and prayers to you. 🙏❤

  • GM Clay! Thanks for sharing your heart, you don’t know how much I appreciate your transparency. I’ve read all of your posts and it hits home. As the youngest of 4 boys and growing up with Charles, I always enjoyed spending time with your family…your Mom & Dad were special people. I always listened & gravitated to your dad since my dad checked out of my life as a teenager. I know both of them are looking down with such joy in their hearts watching you grow and change as a man, father and child of God. Just keep doing what your doing because you are changing peoples hearts through sharing your story! Keep Fighting, Keep Sharing and Keep being You…Our prayers are with you and your family🙏🏻 Let me know ANYTHING I can do to help! God Speed, Mark Moseley

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