Medical Update 9.13.18

Got conflicting test results between home and NYC.

Yesterday’s labs showed minuscule positive change which contradicted last week’s negative labs in Greensboro.

Bottom line is the docs aren’t sure what is going on- they told me that my cancer is not behaving like anything they have seen before and my neurologic reactions to my meds are the worst they have seen. The frustration was all over my doctors face.

I am among an extremely small percentage of men…..I knew I should have bought a lottery ticket…

Anyway, the suspicious spots on my bone scans are now “lit” which means either the cancer is active, or it is dying out- how’s that for conflicting info? The next set of scans in 2 months will ultimately tell the story.

I am going to have a brain scan and stay the course until the next visit, as long as nothing changes with labs and the brain scan shows the squirrels are still in their cages.

As for me, I was anticipating bad news, so “no news” is good news! I remain positive!

4 thoughts on “Medical Update 9.13.18

  • Hang in there! And come to my Hurricane Party tomorrow. And by “party” I mean I’ll cook dinner for you, me, Amanda, and Dave!

  • As if cancer isn’t hard enough, this limbo sounds excruciating. Sending positive thoughts your way—and thanks for sharing your updates.

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