Angels Walk Among Us

If you read my previous post then you know that on Thursday morning, I was the real recipient of The Kindness of a Stranger.

A young woman, battling a serious disease, who does not know me, reached out to say “thank you” for a small donation and to extend an offer of support if I needed or wanted  to talk to someone who was in a serious fight, with a serious disease and was wrestling with serious issues.

Her reach-out struck a nerve as I took inventory of the blessings in my life. I was certain that I was in a position to return her kindness and I set about to do just that.

I choose not to squander opportunities these days so I made a FB plea for her fundraiser and reached out directly to my closest friends.

By this evening (Sunday) Sara is assured of having what she needs- thanks to many of you.

Primarily she can thank my best friend who wishes to remain anonymous but pledged to cover any shortfall. Kindness and generosity are in his genes.

Thank you brother- I know who you are and I love you!

Erin Elam had a big hand in getting this done- she’s kinda cool like that…

As for me, I want to thank Sara for reaching out in the spirit of kindness, the value is immeasurable. I am praying for a successful surgery and maximum benefit for you.

Yes, Sara, Angels walk among us every single day. My friends are living proof, you were blessed to “meet” several. Some of them wish to remain in the shadows which makes them difficult to know but they are with both of us.

By the way, take a look in the mirror and smile- your kindness did not go unnoticed!

I will take you up on your offer for that talk after your surgery.




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