Rant #2

As you may have noted, I avoid the news at all costs.

Mainly because it isn’t reporting anymore- just veiled opinion pieces, full of innuendo and outright fabrications.

Unfortunately, I could not avoid the Kavanaugh story(s) and it makes me want to take a shower. I am disgusted with politicians and the clear self-serving, self-dealing bullshit. These clowns make Frank Underwood look like an angel.

If you were ever in doubt about our political leadership, on both sides of the aisle, look no further. We should be embarrassed and ashamed as a nation.

All of these clowns need to go!!!! The fact that they continue to show their asses indicates complete lack of awareness and clear contempt for us, the American public.

I’m not taking sides on the Kavanagh thing because we don’t have ANY reliable information about an event that happened decades ago. What we have is a clear political agenda that is destroying these people’s lives and, personally, I feel sorry for all of them.

I am urging everyone to make sure the midterms send a clear message to our elected leaders that we want change and we want it now. Wouldn’t it be nice if both parties lost?

The solution is simple- vote out the incumbents. The message would set a tone of accountability where none exists.

Best case would be to find candidates who embrace term limits and all of the attendant benefits to our country.

Almost anyone, excluding the obvious nut jobs, could do a better job.

I am worried about the future for our kids and Keith Richards!

4 thoughts on “Rant #2

  • Well said. I try to avoid the news and couldn’t avoid this. The entire time I felt like I had to choose a side. In truth and justice there should be no side. Thank you for bringing awareness to the importance of voting.

  • I agree wholeheartedly that the well-being of Keith Richards has not been taken into account as much as it should’ve been during the political debates of the last decade. You continue to show that you are a caring, empathetic citizen of the world.

  • One problem is that with so much space to fill, 24-hour News has created a whole new industry of talking heads, make that shouting heads. Anyone can find an outlet that reinforces their own opinions and prejudices non-stop.

    Anytime I meet a so-called news junkie, I never wonder why they’re so pissed off about the “others.” There’s plenty going on that worries me, but at the end, all we can really do is vote.

    I’ve blocked or “snoozed” people on social media, even with whom I agree, because of non-stop posting of everything they come across.

    I have not missed a single election, local, state or national, in 40 years. Wish everyone would join me.

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