Maybe not.

Last night we were chosen at random to attend a special dinner for 10.

We arrived and I was seated next to a gentleman who introduced himself only as “Keith”. As we enjoyed our evening, he mentioned he was from Australia and worked in health care.

Me being me, started with the questions…. I love people- nice people.

I quickly learned that he was an Oncologist with a particular focus on chemotherapy. He runs a significant treatment facility in Sydney.

I hope I did not ruin his vacation because chemo is a huge question mark for me.

He gave me his straight opinion which dovetailed with my own research.

It was a moving experience which I will never forget.

My words cannot do this situation justice, but I hope you understand how I know God exists. There is a plan, I just don’t have the details.

One thought on “Coincidence

  • Claibourne,I had an experience with my bff. In her situation,she desperately needed him even tho she,I and all her family knew him to be a condescending jackass. But she needed him. And in his defense, he was there. I am so grateful she had a wonderful, large, loving family and friends to provide support. End of life issues are the opposite of terra firma; people are really uncomfortable talking about it. I am so grateful sweet Carol knew she needed him AND she had backup. You do too.

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