Liz and the lessons you left us…

Yesterday I lost a personal role model and inspiration to a rare cancer diagnosed about 5 years ago. A young man lost his mother, a mother lost a daughter and a wide circle of people lost a dear friend. Despite the overwhelming sadness, it is important to know she set an ambitious goal to see her son graduate high school. Her prognosis was very poor, yet she surpassed her goal by leaps and bounds in terms of her disease. Not only did she attend graduation but lived to help him settle into freshman year at college.


Thru goal setting and a fierce, sheer will to succeed.

To succeed, and she did succeed, she endured 18 different chemo therapies, a 12-hour surgery, an 8-hour surgery, a third surgery as well as numerous other medical procedures, all with prolonged recovery periods and a smile on her face for all to see- there isn’t a single picture without her big smile.

In my heart and mind, I continue to be awed by her attitude, strength and determination.

Despite the sadness, her closest friends understand how difficult and trying her efforts. Liz will be sorely missed but live on as an example for everyone who crossed her path including her surgeons, medical providers, caregivers and friends.

Her ordeal confirmed a few truisms; we never really walk alone; life isn’t fair, and you play the cards you are dealt the best you can. Most importantly, setting goals is imperative and hope and faith are paramount.

The world lost an exceptional woman and, as the grieving process continues, her precious gifts will inspire me and everyone whose life she touched.

Liz, it may not feel like it to all of us now, but you won- you earned your freedom from this earthly suffering with grace and dignity, rest in peace. Thank you for showing us the way to live in the face of adversity.

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