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It is sickening to watch tragic events being politicized- these are humanitarian issues and know no politics.

The mass shooters are no different from the food lickers- guns and food are not the problem. The problems started long ago. There is underlying callous disregard for others which, I my humble opinion, is a result of the breakdown of our moral fabric at a most fundamental level- in the home, in our schools and in the media.


Where did it start?

Some of it is the result of unintended consequences (every kid needs a cell phone for safety reasons, right?) some of it is the breakdown of our sense of community.

It starts at home and at school in the environments where we raise our children. The media and entertainment industries are major contributors. Our kids are slowly desensitized to the graphic and sensational violence which dominates the news and the entertainment industries. It’s OK to shoot a bunch of people or blow them up because all you have to do is hit reset and the world returns to normal.

We’ve changed our parenting styles and habits. Good intentions- disastrous results. Only now are we learning the dangers of “screen time” and the far-reaching impact of social media. We took bullying off the playground and gave it a 24/7 forum in our children’s lives. There is a reason the leaders in the technology industry limit their children’s screen time and access to electronics.

We’ve taken discipline out of our schools and created a culture of disrespect. Listen to the lyrics in popular music.

We’ve erased references to God from our public places- references which might stimulate a discussion with a young mind. We may not share a common vision of God, but most cultures recognize something greater than the individual.

Who wants to hurt someone they don’t know? I’m sure the psychologists can answer better than I but it seems to me that these individuals feel isolated and powerless- invisible to the world.

We are so focused on trying to not to offend anyone that we are endangering everyone.

2 thoughts on “Some Random Thoughts….

  • This didn’t happen when we were growing up! We got swatted, switched, grounded, loved on and went to Sunday school. Said the pledge of allegiance every school day and aid our prayers at night. We are allowing the minority weirdos dictate life in America now. We are DUMB AS STUMPS for allowing this!!!

  • I agree with your thoughts. I also think the big problem is people with mental illnesses having easy access to weapons with mass murdering capabilities. These indigents represent 0.000000000000001% of the population. One must have serious mental problems to kill innocents without remorse, a common trait of the killers. I wish more guns in the hands of folks like you and me who grew up hunting and shooting could be on scene with concealed weapons to terminate these hate filled souls before their acts, but can’t recall any such occasions. There must be ways to mitigate the immense harm perpetrated, but obviously we have not made much progress from either of “sides”.

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