Update 9.14.19

As some of you know, the IV chemotherapy did not work for me and caused me a great deal of problems with side effects from which I have yet to fully recover. There is a second chemotherapy which is standard protocol and I have declined it- the cost in terms of quality of life doesn’t equal the possible benefit (at least for me).

I have signed up to participate in a clinical trial for PSMA therapy but there are several hurdles to get in and even if I get into the trial, there is a 1 in 3 chance I will not receive the medicine being studied (ie- get put in the control group).

Concurrently, I will have a lymph node biopsied to study the genetics of my cancer and determine if there might be another alternative.

I have been absent for a while because my brain was fogged but I’m improving slowly but surely.

Thank you all for the kind words and thoughts, I may not have acknowledged them but they are very meaningful to me.

9 thoughts on “Update 9.14.19

  • Continued prayers and healing thoughts ….you are quite the fighter ….my cousin is a 15 yr ovarian cancer survivor ….clinical trials at Dana Farber have given her life and quality…I saw her in July…I pray this for you

    • Clay, you continue to inspire me and others with your strength and transparency! Our continued prayers are for your complete healing🙏🏻 Keep moving forward…

  • I hate hearing this.. Hopefully the study will be the CURE. I’ll pray for that!! you are an inspiration to so many now.. and so many for the future. Love ya

  • Thinking if you Clay. If you ever want to talk about there treatments we did and did not do with Thad, or anything really. If you want to bitch or you want to cry…send me a PM through FB and I’ll give you my number. Or I can come meet you in Greensboro for lunch and a hug.
    —Susan Chesson

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