Update 6.7.20- thoughts on Sunday

I started this blog as an outlet for coping with/expressing my emotions while I fought cancer. I needed to express myself and serve others by detailing the struggle, volunteering valuable education, real world/real time experience and inspiration -I hoped others could relate it in handling their own struggles.

I am constantly learning and refining my thoughts.

II’ve observed, listened and spent many hours in reflection hoping to take a big, negative, overwhelming event and find something good and positive in all of it.

For what it’s worth, I found my voice.

I hope I’ve made you think, laugh and cry and reflect on what is most important to you.

This time has clarified some very essential elements for me:

Choice- we always have a choice, make good ones

Hope- hope sustains us at all times

Kindness- Costs nothing to bestow and ripples thru those around us only to be returned in ways we never expect.

I hope to be able to share a little more when I get home.

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