Medical Update 8.10.19

Since my last post here, I have been all over the map with medical treatment and battles with Afib.

I simply don’t tolerate medicines very well.

The Afib has stopped for now. The new cancer medication had side effects that were unacceptable to me.

Along with my oncologist(s), I have decided to stop all cancer treatment.

This was not a hard decision for me because I am not me right now.

Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers!

11 thoughts on “Medical Update 8.10.19

  • I love you so very much & I’m praying for Gods strength & peace. If I can do ANYTHING at all you have my number please do not hesitate to call/text me sweetie xo

  • Praying for you, Clay. In Ecclesiastes 3, Solomon said that there’s a time for everything and that everything is beautiful in its time. Right now may be a time for you to rest.

  • Clay, thanks for the update. You are in our prayers and blessings every night. We are holding you close to our hearts daily. Ann, Bob and Charlie.

  • Be you Clai. See what you got and build your fight, brother. There’s no loser when it’s just you. It is pure as long as you need it that way. Much love my friend.

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