Building Hope

….giving back to my community is what I have  decided  to do with my life.

I will accomplish this by putting my complete support behind Freedom House’s Building Hope campaign.

I put aside my writing months ago, discouraged with my lack of response to my last clinical trial. I was beaten down and it seemed I was struggling to live thru each and every moment- literally praying every minute of every day.

Somehow, some way, God had seen fit to give me my mind back and I intend to use it for as long as I can.

Early in 2020 I met a man who would change my life. I stopped in my favorite cigar store and retreated to the porch for a leisurely smoke. A young gentleman was on the porch working furiously on a document.

Again, nosy me being me, I struck up a conversation- ever curious I take opportunities to learn….

Turns out the gentleman’s name is Houston Core and he is the Executive Director of Freedom House. The more we talked the more excited I became. Freedom House is an addiction treatment program for mothers with children whose parental rights are in jeopardy- but it is markedly different from almost all other programs. The program includes the children who live in a residential environment with their mothers and get to experience a “normal” life. They learn how to be Moms, how to cook and eat properly, they get hands on job training and a safe place to live. Most importantly they learn how to stay sober.

The entire program is a 12-step program based on fundamental Christian principles which are “time tested”.

The elements of the program are truly unique and over the next weeks I will describe how it is unique in any level of detail one wishes.

There are a few key points that have my attention:

1. Freedom House is a 501c3 in operation since 2006 and operates in the black- no red ink! 15 years of proven success.

2. No public funds- the organization is self-funded.

3.  Over 94% success rate- success being anyone who reaches the end of a 90 probationary period graduates the program after a year and most stay in active support of the organization.

4.tThe program supports our local community- let’s break the generational cycle and improve the future of our community!

5. Most importantly the program breaks a cycle of family disfunction that haunts our society for generations- we seek generational change.

I am 62 years old, have lived in the Greensboro community for most of those years, and never heard of Freedom House.

I am also a 62 year old recovering drug addict, with incurable cancer who relies on drugs to get thru the day.

I have lived hopelessness and helplessness with no lifeline and now I find myself in the fortunate position of being able to contribute both financial resources and my experience leading several businesses. If I can help one person overcome the demons, I will find deep satisfaction.

As I dug into the organization, I met the founder, Ann Reilly. Ann is a licensed social worker, and this is her baby. Besides being a delightful woman, her passion for this mission is palpable.

In our first meeting she asked me what and why my interest.

My answer is simple: I am most likely going to die from this disease and before I go, I want to leave my community better than I found it and by focusing on Freedom House I know I can.

My affiliation with Freedom House is simply as a volunteer- I have no formal role with Freedom House.

The purpose of this writing is to kick off our Building Hope campaign.

In a nutshell Freedom House has acquired an ~110 acre campus in Greensboro- debt free. We have 3 treatment houses completed on the property – all paid for- no debt.

Building Hope, when completed, will consist of 8 treatment houses, a farm stand, a community center, a very successful farming operation (strawberries, tomatoes, and blueberries)- the farm was proven last year.

Our goal to complete the project was $1.85M and, to that end we have $250K ready to deploy.

Continuing profitable operations will be critical in helping fund the remaining needs but we will need the community’s financial support.

This is a one-time goal not a perpetual ask for donations. At completion, any decision to expand will be discussed but for now we have a beginning, a middle and, most importantly an end.

If you choose to follow our progress, I promise to keep you up to date.

In the meantime, I will introduce the key leaders, volunteers, and other critical supporters.

Many of my friends across the country have contributed to this effort and to them, a heartfelt thank you!

The correct web address: is

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  • Love this effort on your part. It is commendable! I will contact the organization and donate. Take care friend!

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